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  • Unrivaled fun in the areas largest and best outdoor paintball fields!

  • Fields

  • Western Fields

    Think back to the wild west, when a sheriff never knew what bandit lurked around the next corner. You're in for an adventure!

  • The Castle

    Big buildings dominate this all woods field. The fight for the high ground is crucial for victory on this playing field.

  • Pipes

    This field features fast-pace port battles that all have multiple areas to shoot from. Do you and your team have what it takes?

  • Urban

    Experience this classic game. No need to worry, we give you plenty of cover for your assault!

  • Big Ball

    Big Ball is a great little field. It’s extremely fast-paced but has just enough cover to allow you to take a quick breather.

  • Vietnam

    Challenge the other team in this field. Multiple trenches cross the field allowing a sneak attack for the thrill of a exciting game.