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  • Kids

  • Kids paintball - they'll love you for it!

    Low Impact Paintball is available for 8 years and up.

    At Adventure Paintball @ Ring Homestead Camp, we offer an amazing paintball experience for kids aged eight years old & up. Our organized events are set to a schedule and take care of everything for you for a kids party. You arrive with your young warriors, complete the required forms and our highly trained crew takes over for the day so you can relax.

    We get the kids out in the latest paintball fields and explain and supervise the games throughout the event. We have a 5 star rating for health and safety as well as customer service so you know your group of young ones is in capable hands and will return with big smiles and plenty of stories. Feel free to join in the paintball action or simply unwind and watch the kids have a blast.



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