What are your goals this year? 
More money? More family time? More exercise? More traveling?

Tell me about it and take this advise: Negotiate for everything you want!

I built several multi million dollar businesses through PERFECT NEGOTIATION SKILLS. I can’t wait to show them to you.

Ultimate Leadership & Negotiation Course is for anyone who wants help around stepping into his/her power, getting more out of everything he/she does and overall becoming a more evolved self. I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT!! This course is for me too. I’ll become a more evolved self by listening to your stories and guiding you on your journey.
We’re going for total success! 

There will be a dedicated curriculum around mindset, communication and business.  We will focus on getting out of ruts, challenging ourselves and tapping into the deep courage that we all have…but so few of us access.

I know how hard it is to achieve big goals all alone. That’s why I attend seminars and use various coaches. We need accountability, different approaches and we need community. 

Get Mentored by Eric

The Plan 

Ultimate Leadership & Negotiation Course is a 4 month program centered around helping you achieve your goals.We’ll have live group calls with me, followed by Q+A, along with some special tips / tricks I've learned along the way.  

If you have a specific goal or are facing a clear challenge this course will help. It’s designed for those who want a fire lit underneath them. Whether it’s committing to a vision, growing a business or if you just can’t seem to get motivated day to day....you will benefit greatly. 

Only $97/month 

✓ Bi-monthly group mentoring calls with Eric 

✓ 2 x one-on-one calls with Eric to discuss in detail your specific goal/dream 

✓ Access to a private Facebook group to receive ongoing support from Eric 

✓ Goal guidance and mindset training 

✓ Accountability partners  

✓ Raw and to-the-point feedback on what works, what doesn’t work and what can be done differently in your actions. 

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Here’s a few more things you’ll get out of this course: 

▪ How to have more clarity in your vision.
▪ Effective and clear communication skills.
▪ How to make critical decisions under pressure.
▪ Strategic planning and problem-solving systems.
▪ The art of delegation.
▪ How to deal with difficult people. ▪ How to be a strong second-in-command.
▪ What to do when your leader is ineffective.
▪ How to give and receive effective feedback.
▪ How to get the job done and still be well liked by everyone involved.
▪ And much, much more! 
Eric Ring is a self made multi-millionaire and a serial entrepreneur who owns several franchises, real estate, one of the largest team building facility in the country, 15 paintball fields and many other businesses. 
Eric is a master trainer and designer for leadership and personal growth programs. He has created and facilitated hundreds of customized programs for multi million dollar companies. He delivers programs around the world. Some of his most common locations are US, Canada, Malaysia, Spain.  
Eric is also a full time police officer with over 23 years experience. He has worked undercover narcotics and is a certified FBI fire arm instructor.   
His ability to interact with all cultures and personalities, allows him to have the insight to develop amazing programs. 
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